White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Launch your own cryptocurrency exchange with our Whitelabel Software

Full Source Code with White-label License + Git Access

Our software is delivered as a white-label license with full access to source code. This enables you to customize and tweak the solution as needed.


Save More than 1200 Hrs of Development Time

Our team has invested time in building Order Book,  matching trade algorithms, Fee Modules, Wallets, KYC Modules, and AML Solutions.

Experienced Developers for upgrades and customization

Use our team for code customization and new development works. Our developers with product code experience and domain expertise will add value to your team.

Core Modules of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

The core modules are specific to cryptocurrency exchange software. The modules are designed by using code best practices and maintained as versioned (Git versioned) code blocks for effective mainataince, upgrades and customization.

User / Auth Management

The software supports multiple users based on scope including Guests, Members, Premium Members, Merchants, Merchant- Sub Admin, and Master admins.

Wallet Management

For Fiat Currency, a virtual wallet is created and for Cryptocurrency the wallets are created in Crypto Node using an RPC connection or using wallet provider’s API.

Exchange Rate

The cryptocurrency exchange rate with reference to the current market is updated using the exchange rate API from CoinMarketCap and Binance. The exchange rate is also based on Order Book Updates.


Unlimited Pairs

From the master admin panel, the administrator can add Crypto-Crypto Pairs, Crypto-Fiat Pairs, and Fiat-Crypto Pairs. Fee, Minimum & Maximum amounts can be set.

Buy / Sell

The Buy / Sell Module is fully automated. Configure the minimum buy, maximum buy, fee, and admin wallet.  The module also supports Max Limits for the Day to prevent wallet exhaust.


The trade module uses Price Matching Algrotrim and all trades are settled in real-time. The user can sell or buy their assets at their given price. To prevent market manipulations, there is a setting to limit the asking price.

Order Book

Our team developed an order book queue system that visually represents the open orders (Price and Volume).  Under the hook, the order book uses the Push Notifications for auto refresh.

Trade View Chart

Charts place a key role in understanding Trade Patterns. Our software uses the premium version of Trade View Chart. It plots the graph in Minute, hourly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly intervals.

Valuts / Co-SIGN

For additional security, the assets can be stored in Vaults. It limits immediate access to funds and also makes it possible to add trusted persons to co-sign the transaction.

Additional Modules

The modules below are the Non-core modules. They are designed to cater to industry best practices and compliance.  These modules focused to improve, security and user experience.

Know Your Customer ( KYC)

KYC requirements differ from country to country. Our software is built-in with a basic KYC module that collects identity information, financial information, and address proof. Based on the client’s requirement, the module can be designed or replaced by 3rd Party KYC Services.

Market Price Ticker

In the cryptocurrency world,  the market price is too volatile. It is important for the exchange portal to present the updated prices to users. The most common practice is Price Ticker. Our price ticker system uses CoinMarketCap API and push notification technology.

Anti Money Laundering ( AML)

In most countries, the government mandates the AML policy and AML Checks.  AML can be achieved through integrating 3rd Party solutions. The selection of API is based on the client’s requirements. Our software is built as a decoupled modular structure to use any API.

Escrow System

In some specific use cases, an Escrow System can also be developed. It helps to gain the trust of the users. It also eliminates fraud activities and enforces better trade practices. A rating system improves useability and decision-making.

Two Factor Authentication ( 2FA)

Two-factor authentication ensures security. In critical operations like sell, transfer, and withdraw it is mandatory to force 2FA. 2FA is also forced while account activities like changing passwords, bank address change, nominee changes and account info changes. We use Google Auth as 2FA Sevice.

Support Desk

An in-built support desk ticketing system increases usability and makes it easy for the support team to answer queries and resolve issues. Based on the criticality of the posted ticket, the Tickets are assigned to the proper SLA.

Add-on Modules

The modules listed below are designed as add-on libraries to extend the core functions of the software and serve wider use cases. Based on the client’s end product requirements, they can be plugged in. Each module is engineered with its own settings and admin controls.

Trade Bot

Trade bots are designed and used to simulate the Real Time Trades based on pre-defined rules and inputs.  It helps to keep the order book active and market trends in check.

OTC Trading

In small exchanges (in terms of Trading Volumes), liquidating a High Volume asset will result in multiple trades and loss of fees.  An OTC Trading Plugin might solve this case.


The staking module uses the Staking Pool and adds additional income(as stacking rewards)  to the customer’s wallet balance.

P2P Exchange

Peer to Peer Crypto-Fiat exchange is also the most common use case in the crypto world. It helps the user to trade the Tiny value of an asset also.

Crypto Lending

In recent days crypto lending also developed as an add-on module in the exchanges.  Using this the user can lend and earn additional income as interest.

Referral Program

Most exchanges give a referral reward (one-time – fixed amount) for introducing a new user. Few exchanges share the fee income with the referrer. 

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