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What is smart contract?

What is Smart Contract

A smart contract is a systematic protocol that is intended to digitally verify, facilitate or enforce the performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the exchange of credible transactions without the need for a third party member. Block chain exists as a perfect example of a Smart contract owing to its decentralization between all permitted parties which allows transaction without the need to pay any intermediaries.

What is Smart contract?

Smart contracts allow you to exchange monetary funds, shares or property without any conflict by avoiding the services of an intermediary.

Examples of Smart contract:

A perfect example to Smart contracts is a Vending machine. Normally you would go to a notary or a lawyer to get your documents in place. Now imagine that you go to a vending machine and drop a Bitcoin in to it and it gives you the required document straight away. A Smart contract also defines the rules and regulations that a traditional agreement does and also automatically enforces those penalties.

Uses of Smart contract:

Government: Some people think that using Smart contract is not a viable way owing to security risks. But nevertheless, Smart contracts would nullify all those concerns by providing you with the best and more secure systems than before.

ICO tokens: A Smart contract acts as a backbone of any ICO software. They enable minting of ICO tokens, their distribution, future earnings, resale and any inflation mechanics you choose.

Indian government approved cryptocurrency as legal

Indian government approved cryptocurrency as legal

Crypto currency companies have started to revive their plans to expand and invest in the Indian market.  The country’s crypto currency banking had come to a full stop during the year 2018 when a notification prohibited the use of banking channels for transactions of crypto. Many exchanges where then taken abroad and some were entirely closed during those years. Many experts in the industry welcomed the Indian government’s latest decision to approve the digital currency as legal.

The Supreme Court of India has denied the RBI’s controversial ban that was levied on banks’ dealings with crypto currency related exchanges. After such an issue, many start-ups have initialled the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and have begun to issue ICO Tokens. As the global market for cryptocurrency continues to grow rapidly, this delay in making the digital currency legal is adversely affecting the Indian traders and the start-ups in gaining an ICO token.

The future of cryptocurrency in India:

With the Supreme Court delivering a landmark verdict on the RBI case, the now legal crypto currency in India faces one hurdle. During the fall of 2019, the Indian government opted to further delay the initiation of a draft bill on the potential crypto currency ban to the Parliament during the winter of 2019. This bill aimed to impose a complete ban on the usage of crypto currency in India and also to establish a foundation for a ‘Digital Rupee’ that was issues by the Reserve Bank of India.

Best countries to start a cryptocurrency exchange platform in 2020

Best countries to start a cryptocurrency exchange platform in 2020

In this post we are going to tell you about the crypto friendly countries to start a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our research is completely dependent upon the Government taxation policy, regulatory frameworks, and the adoption of crypto among users. You have to do your own part of analysis before considering these countries as a location for your crypto exchange operations.


Crypto Friendly countries in 2020:


  1. Malta
  2. United States
  3. Japan
  4. Switzerland
  5. South Korea
  6. Estonia


Malta :


Malta is the most recommended country for anyone who wants to get into the world of crypto. The usage of cryptocurrency in this country is outperforming all the countries out there. The government, banks are also welcoming the blockchain & crypto in a very liberal manner. More startups, corporations, and organizations in the crypto industry are marching towards the country for expanding their operations globally. Last year, the biggest crypto exchange Binance had relocated to this country. It makes the way for more investments to be happening in the country in future.


United states:


According to the trading data volume, the United states top the list. This shows that most of the crypto traders are residing in the US and they possibly invested in crypto in large numbers. The country is hosting over 30% of the bitcoin nodes which is followed by Germany in the second place. The US government has been on the mixed state towards the cryptocurrency since 2013, then it proposed some positive signs on the development of cryptocurrency. It stated bitcoins not as the legal currency but can be used as a money value business and it can be approved as the property. The US millennials are very fond of this currency and continue to invest in various formats of business.




Japan is the biggest center for trading and exchanging bitcoins, cryptocurrencies all over the world. It seems even local retailers have started to accept bitcoins as their payment options. The government is giving the reliable concern for the crypto and it made the change in payment services act in favour of these currencies. It mainly focuses on people’s security so it had officially regulated 30+ crypto exchanges and 200+ companies had already registered for a license to operate bitcoin/cryptocurrency exchanges.




Switzerland is generally called “Crypto valley” and this country has been the home for many blockchain, crypto startups. Considering the usage and government policy, the bitcoin or cryptocurrency is claimed to be the taxable income for any individuals in the country. There are some certain regulations over there who trade and exchange bitcoins professionally. Major banks in swizz, are stating their opinions in favor of cryptocurrency and it seems to be the green signal for welcoming the investors all over the world. 


South Korea:


South Korea has been the responsible country for blockchain and its related digital currencies. The residents in the country are well aware about this technology and they normally visit 100+ crypto exchanges every month. Regarding the government stance, there are many regulations, registrations, recordings that have been happening inside the country. Upto six regulations were proposed in the assembly last year which is definitely good news for crypto users there.The crypto traders in the country are exponentially increasing from 2017.



Estonia is one of the finest countries in Europe which indirectly favours and regulates the cryptocurrencies. As far now, cryptocurrencies are not legal tender but obtained as a value in digital form and tax is applicable excluding VAT. However, crypto exchanges operating in the country should get mandatory license and should follow regulatory frameworks proposed by the Government. Recently, the government issued over 900 licenses to the cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto wallet business services. It clearly indicates that the country is examining ways to boost the currency in future. 


Are you ready to disrupt?


So, are you the startup, individual, or entrepreneurs who wished to disrupt the crypto industry? There are endless possibilities to start a crypto exchange firm in these countries. In fact, we have helped some of the major startups to kick start their blockchain firms successfully. 

Want to know more about our services? Leave a message. We’ll get in touch with you at the right time.


People love P2P bitcoin exchanges. Why?

People love P2P bitcoin exchanges. Why?

We all go back a decade ago. There was a single digital currency that started to bring a new revolution in the digital world. It’s called Bitcoin. We are well aware of that.  Here, I am going to talk about one of the other significant breakthroughs called “p2p bitcoin exchanges”. Yeah, you heard that right. People love the peer to peer bitcoin exchanges. Why so? Let’s get into it.

P2P exchanges have been developed to remove the limitations of traditional centralized exchanges. More and more user-friendly features were adapted into the p2p exchanges. The significant feature is it does not rely on third-party involvement for carrying the exchange and trading. We can see that in detail later. Before that look at how it works.


How does p2p bitcoin exchange works?


We have breakdown the mechanism of p2p exchange step by step. 


  1. Users  sign up in the crypto exchange platform
  2. Add their cryptocurrency accounts if exist or create new one
  3. Search for the best exchange offer listings.
  4. Connect with the sellers directly.
  5. Receive the bitcoins.


  1. Buyers sign up the platform
  2. Add their bitcoins into the account.
  3. Post an offer or listing in the order book.
  4. Connect with buyers directly.
  5. Transfer the coins to the buyer’s account.

This is what happens in the p2p bitcoin exchanges. It is a very simple and reliable process that’s why people love this. Even some exchanges are allowing people to transact money in person also. 


Perks of peer to peer bitcoin exchanges:


P2P exchanges are decentralized nature and it doesn’t involve a third party commitment. Users directly contact each other through the platform and proceed with the transactions. Since many popular centralized exchanges are requiring more identification and formalities to undergo the exchange and transactions users are migrating towards p2p exchanges.  From the very start, cryptocurrency is very famous for its decentralized nature and p2p exchanges have been allowing to do so.

2.Low fees:

Centralized exchanges are charging the users for depositing their cryptocurrency in accounts. Meanwhile, p2p exchanges have not been charging them for depositing. Some p2p exchanges are charging users for withdrawal and exchange. When comparing with the centralized exchanges, the fee rate is lower in p2p exchanges.


Arbitrators are the people involved in the transactions when there are any disputes. When individuals connect with each other in a peer to peer exchanges, there might be some misunderstandings and fraud activities occur. At this time, arbitrators came into the situation and solve the issue as per the regulations. Hence, there is more security involved in p2p exchanges also.

Best p2p exchanges so far:

  • Bitsquare
  • Localcoinswap
  • Paxful
  • Hodl Hodl

These are the best p2p exchanges in terms of trade volume, currency pairs, security, and user base. It is clearly evident that p2p bitcoin exchanges are booming and it is going to eliminate the centralized authority involvement. Some of you might have an idea to start a new p2p exchange platform on your own. If so, we can help you with all aspects of technical development. Contact us.

Let us know what you liked the most in peer to peer exchanges. Comment below.

Who is best bitcoin exchange source code provider?

Bitcoin exchange script source code provider

Who is the best bitcoin exchange script developer? Where can i get complete source code of bitcoin exchange script? These are the questions in your mind if you are an entrepreneur who is ready to start a new cryptocurrency exchange trading platform.

To answer all your questions, read this post and do what works for you.

Limited feature:

This is the tricky part where most of  the cryptocurrency exchange development companies will be careful. They will not give you the entire features available in their software. They simply get your money and install the basic script in your domain. As a businessman, you may have different ideas to implement in bitcoin trading platform, but it’s not possible to do with the kind of companies you’re in.  They charge dollars for every single feature you need to add in the platform. 

To avoid this, go for cryptocurrency exchange script which has a guaranteed features and customizing option.

Source code:

You may be a person who is well expertise in technical knowledge or may not be aware that.

Source code is any collection of code, possibly with comments, written using a human-readable programming language, usually as plain text. The source code of a program is specially designed to facilitate the work of computer programmers, who specify the actions to be performed by a computer mostly by writing source code.

Ensure that bitcoin exchange script you are buying comes with source code access. Because, you can own your script and hire the team to do any technical optimizations on your own in the future. This will save a lot of money from your development cost.

I am damn sure that 90% of crypto development companies will not give you this source code access option. If they do so, the price package will be huge.

Technical frameworks:

Technology is ever changing. You will be thrown out if you are still using low end technology frameworks for building such a big cryptocurrency trading platform. Why I am saying this because, developers are upgrading themselves with modern tech stack and they will not be ready to work with you if you still use the old frameworks. 

Keep updated about the latest tech stack available in the market and try to adapt them. For scaling your platform, it will be very useful for you.

Considering all these in mind, we tested and developed powerful bitcoin exchange script with complete source code access. 

Why we are unique from others?

We offer a white-label bitcoin exchange script with source code.

  • 100% customizable & complete Source Code
  • Additional add-on integration.
  • 1 Domain License
  • Free Installation
  • 3 Month Free Technical Support
  • 12 Months of Free Software Updates
  • Unique Template (Will be developed as per client’s requirements)

Our Product Development Team has listed some FAQ

If you have more questions, please contact through contact us page.

Guide to issue the secure token

Guide to issue the secure token (STOs)

ICO is presently developing towards STO and people taking notes of comprehensive guide to issue the secure token (STOs). STO (Security Token) is not just a compelling phrase. It actively reflects the movement of the ICO in the world as legally free since it must comply with well-established and enforced laws and regulations.

The main reason is that the managers’ awareness of the ICO as a loophole in the legal field raised funds and their desire to seal it, to protect investors and consumers. The tokens can be bought by the crowd as an investment and therefore, should be regulated. You should keep in mind that tokens could trigger all kinds of licensing requests in addition to compliance with securities laws.

For instance, a token that is not a security may still be considered electronic money, a payment service, or an alternative investment. The general rule would be conducting a legal analysis of your token and if the conclusion is that the securities procedure or other licensing process is necessary choose the country where you like to start according to the intended target market. Then, the jurisdiction to license and the securities law are wholly determined by the source of your customer.

The legal process that a securities issuer requires to undergo is without a license, rather than drafting the prospectus and being actively approved by the regulatory authority in the country of the issuer’s choice. So requesting the prospectus is a rule, some exemptions are exceptions. Moreover the exemption actually means that you are selling the security, but by pre-defined rule, we sell publicly (‘retail’).

Will your token a payment instrument?

To be regarded as a payment instrument, your token must generally work as a form of payment, but not a form of obscurity. The token would require permitting the buyer to purchase the token. The product or service uses it from the first day. If your token is only a payment instrument, it would not be a securities law, but it could be considered electronic money or payment services.

The key feature other than the uncontrolled payment token from electronic money or payment service would be legal relationship between the coin owner and the issuer. So when the issuer is responsible for coin owners, for instance, to buy coins, it actually means that licensing is needed.

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Ways to Own a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading platform

Ways to Own a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading platform

More recently Cryptocurrency and blockchain are latest trending keywords, and we have enumerated about them for sake of users in our blogs. With the massive success of Bitcoin, numerous cryptocurrencies have emerged and are still emerging. Presently there are 1597 coins are totally existing as of now in the market and this has actually led to the birth of cryptocurrency exchange trading platform. It is also better to know Ways to Own a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading platform.

Checklist for owning Crypto Exchange platform

  • Region of incorporation
  • Choices of Fiat/Cryptocurrencies
  • Key Features in the exchange platform
  • Quality Security and protection

Region of Incorporation

Since the cryptocurrencies are under scrutiny in several countries, choices of country for registering the company are crucial. It is wise to select the countries which officially allow bitcoin as a mode of payment. Most of the recommended countries are Estonia, Belarus, Iceland, France, Venezuela, and the US.

Choices of Fiat/Cryptocurrencies

Having a handful of crypto/fiat currencies listed in the exchange would be good. The more cryptocurrencies listed in the exchange would actively attract more audience. It is also to be noted is that the cost of maintaining 3 cryptocurrencies is as same as to that of 50 cryptocurrencies. They would be ideal to have the well-performing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bytecoin, Dogecoin, etc. Another good option would be to have an own coin in the exchange platform and professionally leveraging users to use the coin by providing discounts.

Key Features in the Exchange Platform

The important reason for having a centralized exchange is that it expediently supports advanced features. Most of the expected features are, Flexibility for customization, Security, Easy management and low delay time. Every platform must include numerous modules for executing a transaction between the front end and backend. So having APIs to execute each activity would offer better scalability. By this way, it would be simple to build web applications, mobile apps, and desktop apps and so on.

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What’s All Security Tokens About Cryptocurrency

What’s All Security Tokens About Cryptocurrency

While everyone in the globe seems to be talking about Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings. People actually require a break from exploring the biggest opportunity ever so they should know what’s All Security Tokens About? If you haven’t heard of them, chances are that you haven’t dived into the blockchain ecosystem yet.

What are Tokens and ICOs?

Primarily the tokens are different from cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that could be used irrespective of the platform. For example, one can use Bitcoin for several transaction purposes. However, when it comes to tokens, it is wholly dependent on the platform. For instance, a token is delivered by the organization, which they give to their investors during an ICO.

For users who have good experience in dealing with stocks, understanding ICO won’t be difficult. Just like stocks have an Initial Public Offering, the tokens have initial coin offering. The developer of the said token issues a given number of tokens. Generally the number is limited to guarantee that the tokens have a value and hence a demand. These tokens are then actually sold to customers for a price. The price could either be fixed or dynamic. The more distributed the tokens are, the more successful an ICO is.

Security Tokens well explained

It is noted that equities, shares, digital, security tokens encompass these three elements. A security token is a digital asset that developers provide to customers as a future investment. It qualitatively works on the principle that the value of the investment would increase in the future. If a token successfully qualifies as being dubbed as a security token, then it has to comply with the several laws and regulations of the State.

Since security token comes with a lot of restrictions and regulations. These regulations could limit the security token regarding who could invest in them and how they can be exchanged. After all, regulations make the asset safer to use and it also means that the liquidity of these assets is low. So consider the several benefits attached to security tokens, it is simple to understand why they’re gaining familiarity.

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Key points to Consider When Choosing a Bitcoin Exchange

Key points to Consider When Choosing a Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin Exchange is highly proving to be a massive hit all around the globe that people actually returning to find ways for trading in Bitcoin. It’s one I suggest checking out this article of Key points to Consider When Choosing a Bitcoin Exchange if you wish to unwind trading in Bitcoin.

One should know that there are numerous options for the people looking for the Bitcoin Exchange Website. But, before starting the investment avenue you must be informed about where to start. The procedure of money transfer from an exchange is never simple task. It’s a hard procedure since it necessitates adept planning. One cannot always simply acquire the Bitcoins and objectively rate the things before choosing a quality exchange.

Actively consider the Accessibility

The risk of attack on a Bitcoin trading platform is where traders must consider. It is done as a means to earn the profit, and it eventually results in price swings. Bitcoin has tendency to get volatile, so any type of attack leads to a price hike which are beneficial for the malicious hackers. It has affected the top exchanges. You can use host tracker which is a device that could expediently measure the site accessibility. Also, you must be well-versed about the exchange risk being attacked.

Qualitatively Consider Liquidity

Instead of choosing an exchange platform that looks beautiful, you require to take into account of important features like liquidity. The people looking to buy or sell the currency, implies that you must actively determine the amount of liquidity which an exchange platform might have. It has good impact on the capability to sell efficiently without a substantial price change. Also the liquidity is immensely affected by the available purchasers and sellers.

Best to Remember Fees

Primarily the process of purchasing and selling costs money so it is better having an incentive which the exchanges require to function like businesses. Unlike the purchasing of bonds or stocks, such exchanges charge particular percentage. This process is actually different from the rebate brokerages which most of the investors use that charges fees based on a flat rate. So it’s better that you have a word with Bitcoin brokers regarding the top options prior you start.


When people make the decision to purchase, several exchanges are not formed equal and one must be extremely careful when making the choice. Good to think different considerations and take into account some circumstances so that one can choose the best persuasive exchange for you.

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Top Crypto exchanges raking in millions of dollars daily

Top Crypto exchanges raking in millions of dollars daily

Crypto exchanges are strongly proving to be a massive hit that people are actually returning to implement in many ways. Also it’s one I suggest checking out if you wish to unwind several benefits but have quality strategies at the same time. People are actually surprised hearing Top Crypto exchanges raking in millions of dollars daily.

It is studied that the top 10 Crypto exchanges are immensely generating as much $3 million in fees a day or heading for more than $1 billion per year. Are you wondering how? Yes. They are absolutely making this through the highly complex development involved beyond their income.

Developing crypto exchanges like them is not simple task. Since developing the crypto trading or exchange software is complex, their active development and debugging could take a whole year or even more. So one should keep in mind about the time involved, the sheer professionalism of your acumen developer team wholly influences the amount of required time.

It is also spoken about that the qualified team needs a lot of resources for successful development. To actively estimate the cost for such a development, they are actually different which depends upon the features you like and it can’t be precisely determined. For instance, developing an exchange with white label your brand takes additional resource time for deployment. Or it is possible to use white label crypto exchange PHP script if you have coding skills. So do your own research and analyze the market pricing and proceed further.

Moreover it is enumerated that the exchanges and transaction processors are the huge winners in the space since they’re permitting people to transact and participate in this burgeoning sector. Finally the revenue estimates are conveying that the boom might influence primary institutional sectors to invest in exchanges. However, everything is done professionally well as you uncover many salient features about Crypto exchanges which just show how much care was put into during development.

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