Cryptocurrency Exchange script with source code

Cryptoexchange4u is the white label cryptocurrency exchange script to start your own cryptocurrency exchange service.

Cryptocurrency Trading and Exchange Solution

Cryptocurrency is the future. CryptoEx enables you to set up an online/offline cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform making it possible to start your FinTech Business in the most trending domains.

ICO Token Ready

By supporting ECR20 Token model, the software can be extended as a Pre-Sale ICO Token Sale Platform. Currently, we support ECR20 smart contracts on the Ethereum Platform.

Multi Account & E-Wallet Service

Apart from the cryptocurrency platform, the software also works as a Digital or E-wallet solution; making it easy for Member to Member Fund Transfers and integration with Merchant Solutions and Gift Card Solutions

Cloud / VPS Ready

Developed as a standard web application in Laravel PHP Framework and also used the NodeJS for wallet services and related API controls.  The application is Secure, Scaleable and Cloud Ready.

Viral / Network Marketing Ready

The software built with tools like referral links, referral commission distribution, multi-level commission distribution. This makes it easy for the site owner to promote the website and attract an active customer base.

Responsive Layout

The software developed in Bootstrap 4 UI framework and also uses the VueJS Components. This makes the software ready for mobile-friendly responsive design.

Looking for More Features

Our product development team is constantly working on improving product features and adding new features. Please contact our product development team and get a custom quote for your development

Key Features of Cryptocurrency exchange script


Built on Laravel

Laravel is the most secure and robust PHP Based web application framework with built-in Oauth, Security and Encryption Features. The Laravel eco-system also uses Cache, Redis and Oauth Supported API.

Multiple Fiat Currency Account

The software supports the creation of multiple fiat currencies (regular currency like USD, EUR, NGN, INR) accounts for the user

Wallet Transfer / Fund Transfer

The software supports member to member fiat / crypto transfer. All fund transfers are fee-able. Admin can set the fee.
2 factor authentication

2 Factor Authentication

The software is built in with 2 Factor Authentication using Google Authentication and SMS authentication using Nexmo. This makes the application secure.

Integrated Messaging

The system is integrated with simple Member to Member messaging system and this makes communication between members secure.

Business / Personal Accounts

Considering the complexity of Money Transfer, the system allows business accounts, who can operate with lesser commission and acts as middlemen

Buy / Sell Gift Cards

The system supports the Buying and Selling of Gift Cards. This feature enables people to get started with the system with minimal investments

Buy / Sell Cryptocoins

Buy or sell cryptocurrencies through e-wallet balance or by using Digital Currencies like (Paypal, Neteller, Perfect Money) or by using Crypto Currencies like ( Bitcoin, Altcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum )

Exchange Cryptocurrencies

Exchange the Cryptocurrencies to other Cryptocurrency or any regular currency or any digital currency.

User Friendly

Designed with the right navigation structure and industry standard rich UI, the application is User-Friendly and your customers will find it easy going.

Visually Rich Dashboard & Reports

Our development team has put efforts to built a visually rich Dashboard and full report system making it easy for the end users.
Ticket Support Help Desk

Integrated Ticketing System

The software comes with integrated Ticketing System. This enables users to communicate directly with support staff and ensure timely support.

Referral / Level Commission

With integrated network marketing program like the referral system, the users can earn extra coins/money by promoting their links and earn.
Exchange Fees

Fee / Commission Control

The system administrator has the fullest control over the Fee & commission over any type of transactions within the system.

Where we Fit in – The Use Cases for CryptoEx

Buy / Sell Crypto Currencies with Fiat Currencies

Buy / Sell Cryptocurrencies with Fiat Currencies

Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies as a Trader is modern day business model because of Trending Cryptocurrency Market. Read the full use case, how to adopt CryptoEx as a business model.
Currency Exchange Services

Forex or Currency Exchange Services

The modern world is shrinking by the internet technologies and any business man using one or more fiat currencies are most common. Read the full use case, how to adopt CryptoEx as Currency Exchange Service
Crypto Currency for Micro Finance Services

Cryptocurrency for Micro Finance Services

The  invent of cryptocurrnecy open up a new way of making Microfinance Services. With Peer to Peer Donations and Community Donations, the scope in this field is unlimited. Read the full use case.
Crypto Currency for Micro Finance Services

Cryptocurrency for Merchant Services

Buying Physical, Digital Products and Paying Bills is the most common services in Banking. With advancement in FinTech crypto currencies need to adopt this. This demand in market opens up the new businss opportunities.
E-Wallet Services with Crypto Currency & Fiat Currencies

E-Wallet Services with Crypto currency & Fiat Currencies

With advancement in E-Commerce and E-Banking systems, the need for good e-wallet services is a demanding business model. Read the full usecase of adopting CryptoEx for e-wallet services
E-Wallet Services with Crypto Currency & Fiat Currencies

Member to Member Fund Transfer

Estabilising  a closed community or member to member fund transfer system is a simple and straight forward business model. Read the full usecase of adopting CryptoEx for member to member fund transfer
Crypto Currency Donation Program

Cryptocurrency Donation Program

Cryptocurrency Donation Programs or Matrix Gifting Programs are still one of popular business model in Online Business Community. CryptoEx can be adopted Cryptocurrency Donation Program
Crypto Currency Investment Programs

Cryptocurrency Investment Programs

One of the modern day business opprtunity lies with partnering with smart brains as an investors and drive the money for Trade and Innvovation. Check how the Crypto Currency Investment opprtunities are available.

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