5 Blockchain Protocols You Should Be Aware Of

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5 Blockchain Protocols You Should Be Aware Of. To make the most of Blockchain technology, you must understand how protocols affect network performance and what constraints they may impose. As a result, while studying protocols, it’s useful to be familiar with some terminology used to explain how Blockchains interact. Some terms related to the blockchain protocol are defined in the following section. Let’s take a peek at them to understand Blockchain protocols better.

What exactly are Blockchain protocols?

Protocols are critical components of Blockchain technology because they allow for automated, secure, and dependable information sharing between crypto networks. Protocols are fundamental rules in the computer world that specify how data is transmitted between various computer systems.


Hyperledger, an open-source initiative, aims to develop tools businesses can use to quickly and efficiently implement blockchain technology. 5 Blockchain Protocols You Should Be Aware Of. The protocol is used in blockchain software solutions and frequently comes with libraries to speed up development.

The Linux Foundation has been a big supporter of Hyperledger and has contributed valuable knowledge to the protocol’s development. Hyperledger was designed to run well on modern business servers due to its compatibility with Linux.

Key Characteristics Include:

  • Performance effectiveness
  • Plug-in elements are enabled.
  • Membership with permission


Multichain, an open-source blockchain forum, can provide APIs to streamline interfaces and allow blockchain development firms to complete deployments quickly. 5 Blockchain Protocols You Should Be Aware Of. It provides a command-line interface and APIs for chain creation and protection.

It enables businesses to build private blockchains for conducting environmentally friendly transactions and developing blockchain-based enterprises. This enables the creation of multiple key-value and ID databases for data exchange and time stamping across the blockchain community.

Key Characteristics Include:

  • Rapid Development
  • The adaptable security
  • Anytime access to assets
  • Customizable
  • Permissions that are restricted

Enterprise Ethereum

The far more latest iteration of Ethereum’s software, designed for use in business applications, is shown. Ethereum Enterprise was created to accelerate the commercialization of blockchain software development. Businesses can easily create complex apps to substitute one value for another using Ethereum Enterprise.

Key Characteristics Include:

  • Large Scalability
  • Compatible
  • Coordination of Data
  • Peer-to-Peer Network (P2P)


This is an additional open-source blockchain project designed for businesses. It is used to build a blockchain platform that addresses complex business problems. It helps to reduce the cost of record-keeping and offers development services such as Corda App Consulting, Persona Interface, Regulated Tokens, and so on. Businesses can interact immediately, thanks to Corda’s strong contract expertise.

Key Characteristics Include:

  • Consensus Pluggable
  • Ledger with Layers
  • Security and interoperability
  • Infrastructure for Point-to-Point Communication


Quorum is remarkable for receiving significant backing from the banking sector. Quorum, like many critical protocols, aims to assist financial industry businesses. Nonetheless, Quorum remains a free and open-source project. Since its project began modifying the Ethereum code, Quorum has been inextricably linked to Ethereum.

Key Characteristics Include:

  • Increased effectiveness
  • Management of peer approval
  • Transparency in Contracts and Transactions

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Final Words

There has been tremendous growth in the field of blockchain. As a result, protocols are evolving at a rapid pace. Every industry uses a protocol-based blockchain solution, including supply chain, health, and banking.


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