Start a Venture like Binance

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Start a Venture like Binance

It’s certainly something that’s so much different on the aspect of how to Start a Venture like Binance. They are always refreshing to experience these days. Some time ago, one of the largest exchanges in the world, Binance, proudly announced the opening of a branch in Malta.

Officially the reason was that in this country, they would be able to count on a more open legal regime towards cryptocurrencies, but from the beginning there were people who thought that one of the important reasons could have been the willing to add the Euro to the exchanged coins.

Primarily in fact, despite being absolutely one of the most key exchanges in the world, Binance only permmits to exchange cryptocurrencies. Generally it has neither dollars nor euros, but only some stable coins, or cryptocurrencies with the value anchored to the dollar (like Tether, USDT).

According to officials it would have confirmed this hypothesis. Indeed, the decision seems to be taken,  it is greatly assumed that Binance would soon be able to offer its prosperous customers with the possibility of converting cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies like the Euro.

More specifically Binance has already opened a bank account in Malta, obviously in Euro, so it might be already be ready to offer this additional service.

In the future they would also permit trading in other fiat currencies, but without offering further details. Euro trading would start to be possible is not yet known, which at this point could be the first fiat currency to be listed on Binance.

This implementation on the one hand would bring obvious benefits to both Binance, and particularly to its customers, but on the other hand it could force the colossus to adapt more heavily to the legal regulations concerning the management and conservation of fiat currencies. Anyone who adores special features of Binance will surely enjoy what they experience in.

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