The Basics of NEO and Ethereum

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It is learnt that there is no doubt that the cryptocurrency environment has become highly competitive as several cryptocurrencies are trying for the same spot. Primarily one such cryptocurrency pair which is often seen competing against each other is NEO and Ethereum.

We understand that Ethereum as the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, NEO has been growing rapidly and making best attempt at catching up with Ethereum. Their competition is so intense that NEO is often regarded to as the Chinese Ethereum.

The Ethereum and NEO blockchains offer platforms particularly designed for the development of distributed applications (DApps) and smart contracts. As well as qualitatively used for DApps, the smart contracts are often put to use for ICOs.

A dApp is professionally an application that runs on the blockchain, therefore making it distributed and decentralized. Besides creating their own blockchain, developers can build an application on top of an existing blockchain, like NEO or Ethereum. Most of them are interested to run their own exchange platform with the help of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script or by quality Bitcoin Exchange Script.

Moreover Smart contracts are the mechanism behind DApps. They are self-executing contracts in which the terms of an agreement between are directly written into lines of codes. This actually means there is no central authority to trust or rely on.DApps, smart contracts, and ICOs are regarded as the next big thing for cryptocurrencies and that is why many cryptocurrencies are fighting to grab a share of this global market. Ethereum and NEO are the market leaders in this space and also the top rivals.

The Basics of NEO and Ethereum

Many people are interested to run their own exchange platform with the assistance of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script or by perfect Bitcoin Exchange Script.NEO has found support among the developer community since it supports programming in multiple languages like C++, C#, Go, Java. So, thereby with knowledge of one of these languages can start building projects on the NEO blockchain.

Ethereum, on the other hand, permits coding only in one language Solidity. In addition Solidity is a new language was designed by the Ethereum founders extensively for Ethereum so there are few people who know it. So, anyone who wants to build DApps or smart contracts requires learning this language first.

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