Why Is Deepcoin So Famous?

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Why is Deepcoin so Famous? It’s a centralized exchange with no mandatory KYC verification checks. It means that individuals can register on the platform and begin trading cryptocurrencies immediately without verifying their identity.

Deception focuses on derivatives trading. Essentially, the platform offers users a variety of advanced tools for trading perpetual contracts, which are splendid crypto contracts that derive their value from the underlying cryptocurrency with which they are associated.

Features of Deepcoin

Spot trading refers to trading the actual cryptocurrency assets that you choose – you will be able to receive your selected assets into your Deepcoin wallet and then send them off to the previously mentioned external hardware device. While it is not the primary feature for which Deepcoin is known (more on that later), it is unquestionably the preferred trading method for many crypto enthusiasts.

Why Is Deepcoin So Famous? Hardware wallets are the most secure way to store your crypto assets. While the Deepcoin wallet may be more convenient to use, especially if you plan to day-trade your cryptos, hardware crypto storage allows you to rest assured that your assets are being stored in the safest possible manner.

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Mining for DC Coins

Why Is Deepcoin So Famous? Deep Coin, or DC coin, is a native, dedicated token for Deepcoin. This token (an ERC-20 token) is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

As the exchange’s native token, DC has a variety of applications, all of which revolve around the concept of utility. You can exchange DC coins for other cryptocurrencies and participate in other activities, such as the mining mentioned above.

Starting with Deepcoin is also fairly straightforward. Registration is quick (if not instant), and the user interfaces are mostly self-explanatory. You have the option of accessing all of Deepcoin’s advanced features.

Deception is worth investigating. With up to 125x leverage and a plethora of advanced-level tools, the exchange should appeal to a wide range of traders.

Final Takeaway

Deception is clearly an interesting exchange, offering its users something increasingly rare these days – the ability to trade crypto anonymously on a centralized platform. This type of trading is typically only available on DEXs.


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