Recent Web3 Advances in Mobile App Gaming

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As mobile gaming apps are expected to account for 53% of the global gaming market’s revenue by the end of 2022, some companies are entering the Web3 ecosystem. Recent Web3 Advances in Mobile App Gaming. We explore why Web3 piques the interest of the reputed gaming industry, as well as the most recent technological advancements in mobile gaming apps.

Web3 Piques Game Developers’ Interest

Developers are frequently drawn to Web3’s technological features, which need to be more present or opaque in the current Web 2.0 ecosystem. Blockchains, the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), cryptocurrencies, NFTs, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality are some of these features (VR). Developers understand that these features can provide more immersive and personalized gaming experiences.

What Will Web3 Bring To The Table For Gaming?


Web3 eliminates the need for centralized services, which are currently required by Web 2.0 to create or integrate a large number of benefits. Freeing gaming app developers from the large businesses that provide these services will save them time and money.

Historical transparency – Blockchain Gaming

Games can be hosted on-chain thanks to Web3’s decentralization. This indicates that the game’s history cannot be erased or disabled, and every detail is recorded on blockchains, ensuring complete transparency of a game’s history. As a result, players can see how and by whom their data is being used, providing greater transparency.

Player Ownership

Player centricity is a crucial component of Web3 gaming, intending to reward players based on the value they bring to the game. Web3 gaming allows players to own digital assets and monetize them through smart contracts without intermediaries such as Google or Apple. Smart contracts are programs dictated by encoded rules automatically invoked when a user pinges on the blockchain. Whenever a smart contract is deployed, it cannot be changed and is thus safe from malicious people.

DAO Governance

Blockchain games allow players to direct the game’s roadmap, vote on investments, and do other things. This is due to gaming decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) functioning as open-source code-based gaming platforms, transferring ownership of a game to game developers, traders and investors, and players instead of a single gaming operator or an administrator.

Interoperability – Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain interoperability allows value and data to be transferred across networks, allowing blockchains to communicate. Interoperability is expected to enable multi-token wallet systems and multi-token transactions in apps across all industries. More particularly for gaming, this capability will allow players to have transferable avatars that they can use, including metaverses, also known as virtual worlds and games.

Blockchain Gaming

Based on the trends listed below, the Web3 gaming sector will continue to grow.

Xiro App Strives To Lower Web3 Barrier to Entry

Xiroverse, a Web3 and Metaverse gaming platform, announced the launch of its Xiro App earlier this month, with a waitlist of over 250,000 users. The London-based company aims to make Web3 more accessible to users by eliminating initial costs and complexities.

The Xiro App does not require users to learn new technology or have prior knowledge of Web3. Xiroverse is collaborating with developers and game studios to share blockchain technology to advance its Web3 platform. With its Xiro App, it hopes to attract millions of users to Web3 and the metaverse.

Decentralized Gaming Ids Become a Reality in This Partnership

By using the power of interoperability, Laguna Games is collaborating with Lens Protocol, a Web3 social graph, to provide gamers with a new, decentralized gaming ID that they can use across multiple games. Crypto Unicorns, a digital farming and pet-collecting web and mobile game built on the Polygon blockchain, is adeptly owned by Laguna Games. Lens Protocol integrates with the Crypto Unicorns avatar system, enabling players to move between platforms securely and quickly using a single digital identity.

Final Thoughts

Amid the crypto market’s ups and downs, some are hesitant to embrace Web3 technology due to its inherent connection to blockchain. Recent Web3 Advances in Mobile App Gaming. Web3 supporters believe it will eventually break up the concentration of power held by today’s tech titans and allow individuals to profit from their hard work. According to critics, the technology is vulnerable to failure and remains challenging. The future of Web3 is flexible, but given the increased activity in the industry this year, we generally expect to hear a lot more about Web3 and gaming in 2023.


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