Best Bitcoin Exchanges

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Best Bitcoin Exchanges

If people wish to buy Bitcoin and store it in your wallet, then they have to deal with an exchange service. The users could easily from a variety of options and there are many exchanges with a lot of features. You could figure out the best preferences and to come up with the top names out there. It would assist you to make the right choice based on your personal preferences and necessary to Know about best Bitcoin Exchanges.

What Should I Check For Prior in Registering?

The users must really focus on their attention before registering with any Bitcoin exchange service. You could see quality list of the most vital characteristics that define such a service:

Reputation -You must check the reputation of an exchange service and they must go through review sites.

Fees – there are two kinds of fees: deposit/withdrawal fees and trading fees. Generally, the info should be available on the official website of any exchange which cares about their clients.

Payment Methods – there are three main payment methods:

  • Credit/debit cards;
  • Bank wire transfers;
  • E-wallets like PayPal.

Wire transfers take several days for processing, while card payments mean higher fees and a mandatory ID verification.

Availability – many exchanges are available or restricted in specific regions or countries. You must check if you are eligible to become a client.

Exchange Rate – there is a general exchange rate featured on financial sites, but you must not expect it to be present on all the exchanges.

You must also know the main parameters for assessing an exchange service, here are our quality choices:


It provides a user-friendly interface, the possibility to buy via debit card, and many wallet solutions. Moreover the Coinbase insurance covers your funds.


It is one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges out there, operating since 2013. By using this service, you could easily buy Bitcoin with your credit card or deposit funds through Western Union or MoneyGram.


It is good that the exchange also acts as a trading platform, permitting marking trading with up to 3:1 leverage. The margin trading is also available and quality customer support available 24/7 by chat or email.

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