Bitcoin expectations in 2018

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Bitcoin expectations in 2018

It is highly noted that there are number of issues that crypto players should be on the lookout for in 2018. The recent study analyse that asset tokenization has good significant potential. One could also experience the likelihood of quality governance and focus on regulatory issues. Altogether Bitcoin expectations in 2018 should be a year of progress according to many studies.

Among the cryptos to watch are Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are adeptly expected to rise 40% and 19%, respectively. Here are the year-end price targets for the list of cryptos that should be watched.

  • Bitcoin – $25,000
  • Ethereum – $1,900
  • Ethereum Classic – $60

More interestingly Ledger, the crypto hardware wallet provider, has professionally managed to raise $75 million dollars in a new funding round, which it strongly focus to use for expansion and scaling.

Since crypto currencies as a whole closed in on a trillion-dollar market cap over the past few months, holders, traders and users have been virtually exposed to an increasing level of cyber-attacks. The most secure form of crypto storage is an offline paper wallet, which is susceptible to damage via fire, and could simply be lost. This is where hardware wallet comes in, which is fool-proof, and holds your private keys more secured manner. Moreover, even if you lose your hardware wallet, you could recover your digital assets on a new version by actively restoring it via a unique pass-phrase.

Ledger is presently providing two hardware wallets on its website, the Ledger Blue and the extremely popular, Ledger Nano S. Given how the demand for hardware wallets is only expected to grow this year and the investment would enable the company to significantly scale up its operations as demand for their products increases at face pace.

As the crypto market grows, the organizations associated with it benefit too, and Ledger, being one of the two dominant companies in the niche, has a good advantage moving forward.


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