Growing Trends of Blockchain

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Growing Trends of Blockchain

Everyone knows that Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger which qualitatively records transactions across a number of computers and devices. The top thing about this concept is that one cannot alter the record without changing all subsequent blocks. It is clearly understood that people could find Growing Trends of Blockchain technology.

When they transfer money from your bank to someone else, it actually takes some time. It is because the sender bank holds the money until the receiving bank confirms the receipt of the amount.Blockchain comprises just one ledger of transactions between the two banks.

Merits of Blockchain Technology

Trust &Transparency

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are in massive demand today. Everyone seems to be caught in the wave of this latest form of money.

Avoids Security Breaches

With blockchain technology, financial fraud would be a thing of the past because it would facilitate big data transfer without the security issues.This latest technology has a transparent approach; meaning the transaction is simple to track.

Marketing and Blockchain Technology

One could also start data mining and try to find advertisers yourself. With a trusted partner such as Google, that riskis almost non-existent. In the digital marketing space, this is known as programmatic advertising. Google via the GDNwould connect you and the advertisers. They would take a commission for every transaction.

Moreover this Blockchainthrows out the Intermediary. This would eliminate the commission on their part as well. Besides this the biggest advantage would be that there would be no room for foul play.

Advertisers pay money when someone clicks on their ads. Often, some black-hat techniques illustrate to describe more clicks in order to make more money. This actually means losses for the advertisers.With usage of blockchain technology, advertisers and website owners would have complete transparencyover the number of clicks and the payments.This would result in reduced online Ad fraud.

CustomerCentric Marketing

The truth is that few firms actually implement this. People always have this utmost fear that popular companies have too many details about us. Come Blockchain and this would change forever.

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