Brain on a Blockchain

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Brain on a Blockchain

Digital technology has grown so much over the past few years. Also more and more popular startups have emerged immensely with the intention of wiring our brains to digital platforms. Whether introduced for the purposes of mind-controlling our virtual environment or monitoring our thoughts, moods, or for downloading brain-activity data.

As it could be imagined, such exploits are going to throw up issues concerning data security, privacy, and also transparency. Even as customers look to the firms messing with their heads to guarantee that their brain-data remains protected in accordance with terms & conditions. Well, it’s likely looking to blockchains to ensure that this indeed remains the case. Few of the neurotechnology startups have already outlined plans to put brain-data on blockchains.

Most of the firms is strongly focused on building neural-control systems, enabling users to control robotic arms, drones, smart appliances, and Augmented reality / Virtual Reality devices with their own acumen thoughts.

The control system is based around using machine learning to improve its brain-reading accuracy, something which requires retaining 90% of brain-data in order to train the artificial intelligence (AI) being utilized by the system. Primarily big data of user neural activityis demanded, with the firms whitepaper citing the Human Brain Project’s requirement of exabytes (1 exabyte = 1 billion of gigabytes) of memoryas an example of the kind of storage capacity necessary.

One can easily use blockchain, which it believes effectively addresses the problem of data storage security and privacy.By recording user data on a decentralized blockchain data becomes resistant to hacking attacks and thereby more private.Use of blockchain technology makes the system open and transparent to potential users. Any abnormal activity would be effectively traceable; the system would guarantee security and confidentiality of personal data. Finally the decentralized and transparent nature of blockchains would definitely prevent data from being altered or stolen.

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