Ways to Get Push-Notifications on Cryptocurrency Transfers

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Ways to Get Push-Notifications on Cryptocurrency Transfers

If users are searching for a special kind of mobile app in iOS & Android devices that permits users to monitor and track their BTC and ETH wallets across a variety of locations, then Ether Scan will not surely disappoint. It has all effective Ways to Get Push-Notifications on Cryptocurrency Transfers.

The EtherScan free app is available on the Apple & Google Play stores, it qualitatively permits users to easily add their BTC and ETH wallets and receive push notifications for new transactions.

Salient Features of Ether scanner

  • Quality alert for every new transaction
  • Wallet balances for USD, BTC, ETH and ERC-20 tokens
  • Simple and quick interface
  • Executes app experience that remains free of ads

It’s certainly something that’s so much different on the App Store and Play Store, which is always refreshing to experience these days. This mobile application is not a cryptocurrency wallet for BTC or ETH, and does not develop new wallets for digital currencies, as such; there is no option for cryptocurrency transferal from within the app. The main purpose of the app is to offer individuals a quick and simple interface to view their balance across all (BTC & ETH) wallets, as well as receive notifications for new transactions.

Why was Etherscanner developed?

Etherscanner was efficaciously developed to solve a common wallet issue, there should be best way to keep track of all wallet addresses, to monitor everything in one place, and to be expediently alerted in the event of new transactions.

With push notifications, the users are aware of the different changes in transactions that actually take place within the account and could take actions if required.

How does it work?

You can download the Etherscanner application. Open the app, add your BTC and ETH wallets and receive push notifications when a new transaction occurs. Also open the app when you want to check your balances too.

Who is Ether scanner for?

This app of Ether scanner is for those who are on the go and would like to keep an eye on their current wallet balances and view changes in their current balance as new transactions occur. Instead of tracking everything individually, this Ether scanner keeps all of your public addresses in one place, making things easier overall.

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