What are the top 10 cryptocurrency for long term investment

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What are the top 10 Crypto currency for Long Term Investment

The trend in the crypto currency industry has certainly gone up during the last few decades. It is very obvious that Bitcoin is at the top of the currency list. Though it had major fluctuations in 2018, it is the most popular crypto currency and the one that is most used by traders. With ICO tokens and people getting to know more about ICO software, the usage of crypto currencies has become more stable and secure.

Here are some of the top cryptocurrency one can use in the long term investment.


This goes without saying, Bitcoin is the most popular and well known crypto currency worldwide and is used by many people when it comes to trading and crypto exchanges.


After Bitcoin, ETH (Ethereum) is the most popularly used crypto currency. Many huge enterprises and businesses are investing in Ethereum.

Binance coin

Offered by the Binance marketplace, the Binance coin is the official coin in the Binance market place. Whenever a trader pays using Binance coin in Binanace market place, he/she receives 50% discount in the rates.


Offered by XLM, Stellar is as popular as Ethereum. With their smart contract protocol integration, Stellar is in huge demand.


Ripple is popularly becoming the most used crypto currency in today’s trend.


Known as Bitcoin-Lite’, Litecoin is one of the best long term altcoins to invest in.


NEM is a top grossing cryptocurrency and focuses on all types of clients.


Komodo is new in the market but offers highly appreciative qualities when it comes to exchanges.


Monero is a cryptocurrency that has protocols designed to protect the traders privacy.


With Verge, one can navigate their privacy using an ICO dashboard in the loop which makes it a popular digital currency.


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