The most well-known crypto exchanges that offers margin trading

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The most well-known crypto exchanges that offers margin trading

The best way to make money in the cryptosphere is through the cryptocurrency trading. Day trading, which is also known as the cryptocurrency trading, is an extremely risky and yet highly rewarding, depending on your competency and your trading methods. With ICO tokens and ICO software in your business, you can grow your margin trading to a great level. Some of the best margin trading cryptocurrency exchanges are listed here.


Deribit is the most famed margin trading crypto exchanges and is available to all countries world wide. While you are trading Bitcoin futures, you can have an advantage of up to a 100 times leverage.


Binance is renowned all over the world for its prominence in crypto currency exchanges with maximum trading volume. To use Binance as your platform for margin trading you need to complete the KYC identity verification and provided your country should not be in the list of the blacklisted Binance countries.

Huobi Pro

Huobi Pro is an international crypto currency exchange platform and is based in Singapore. It has been in operation since 2013. Huobi Pro is well known for its international multi language support and platform.


In its short span of presence, BitMEX has gained a lot of respect when it comes to the cryptocurrency exchange market. Currently it offers margin trading for 6 types of cryptocurrencies among which Bitcoin trading is the most popular.

When we talk about margin trading the level of risk does not decrease unless you run your own ICO dashboard. The risk of getting attacked increases because exchanges usually have a lot of money.


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