Top 10 Blockchain Ideas for Beginners – The future is yours to explore

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Top 10 Blockchain Ideas for Beginners. For some reason, everyone’s got a blockchain project idea these days. There have been some really cool ideas in the past and there are plenty more on the horizon. In this list, we’ve assembled ten of the best blockchain topics for a beginner to explore

Software companies are always looking for blockchain developers, which is why it’s smart to stand out by proposing unique projects that are outside of typical mobile or web app work. But blockchain application development is one step ahead of your standard mobile app. The core difference is that the “standard” app is translated into a blockchain once it’s been put together. You can now match up your resume to a blockchain project by mentioning that you’re an expert at web or mobile development.

You can keep up with the latest news about AI and other people’s innovations in this area by looking around our website!

We’ll cover what’s needed to create a blockchain project

You should get your own blockchain set up with a truffle framework and get grenache. The network will work after this. Now you can start to write smart contracts with Ethereum in JavaScript! You don’t have to install Remix on your computer if you want to use it online. If you plan on working on projects that rely heavily on blockchains, the next step would be to install the MetaMask Chrome extension. This feature lets you access your smart contracts from your account, making it way easier.

10 Best Blockchain Project Ideas

Trusted Crowdfunding Platform Using Smart Contract

It has been reported that 85% of startups delay the delivery date and 14% of them don’t deliver what they promised to the investors. This is a big issue because there is not much adhesion or trust in most cases with crowdfunding platforms.

Times have changed, and now you can view the investments on the transparency of the blockchain. These contracts only release funds after a project has been delivered or after a service has been performed.

Exact Shipment Location Data

Most logistics companies only provide you with location details of what they have access to; like collection centers, city hubs, and sorting facilities. If their system fails then everything is lost.

You can use blockchain to collect and analyze data from multiple interconnected systems. You can then share this data with your customers and provide specific location details that facilitate things like finding lost bags in an airport or reuniting families after natural disasters.

Peer To Peer Ridesharing

What if Uber shuts down operations in the city? Without a middleman, carpool systems and radio cab facilities will have to find another way to work. If this project is completed successfully, it’ll create a network that can provide safe, reliable transportation for your customers.

Carpooling systems are controlled by a single agency at the moment which can be bad for customers. You can build a smart contract and decentralize this system which will allow car owners to find riders without third-party interference like Ola or Uber. All data is stored on the blockchain and there’s no need to register with these third parties blockchain technology is great for creating high-quality services. It can help you to create a carpooling system that enables you to rely on trust and fairness.

There are so many transport-related blockchain projects but this is one of the coolest & most original. Designed to minimize ‘the middleman’, blockchain will provide a seamless and secure user experience.

A Fake Product Identification System 

Every popular brand has cheaper, counterfeit versions of their products sold. Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between an original product and a fake one. If (brand name) has embedded a 2D barcode on their products, they’ll be easier to identify as fake.

You might be able to make a lot of business if you start a 2D barcode scanning service, and it can help both retailers and shoppers by helping them determine whether or not a product is counterfeit.

Higher-end brands often have cheaper versions made by different manufacturers. Buying them might get you ripped off and wind up with a counterfeit product, or you might use the designer’s own cheaper line instead. You’ll have to figure out if it’s worth it! If a product is fake, decoding the QR code will lead you to the Blockchain which can trace whether or not the product was authentic. You can use this feature on any manufactured goods.

QR codes are becoming more mainstream and plenty of companies will now offer informative content on their products when customers scan the QR codes. And if it matches the code in our own database, then you’re guaranteed to get authentic information. If there’s a match, it means you’re buying an original product. If it doesn’t match, then you’re buying a fake. It’s one of the most exciting & useful blockchain projects around. If you’re looking to get a good job at a huge company, think about building apps for blockchain. This will increase your chances of being hired – large companies often need people who have skills in this area.

Blockchain-Based Voting System

Old voting systems were paper-based and people had trouble trusting them. Top 10 Blockchain Ideas for Beginners – The future is yours. Electronic systems ensured faster counting, but some people still doubted their ability to store data securely or fend off any attacks. Banks on the blockchain can secure election data & allow everyone to monitor the value of their votes If voting was done using an app in conjunction with a blockchain system, it would be effective & efficient. 

For this project to work, you need to make sure that voters’ privacy is respected. Top 10 Blockchain Ideas for Beginners – The future is yours. Their details must be hidden in the application. You need a unique Ethereum address to use as your identifier. You should only vote when you’re eligible to, and the process needs to be transparent. All voting rules need to be followed Recording votes is an important final step in many types of projects. If mistakes or fraud ever occur, the whole process can’t be tampered with on blockchain.

Blockchain is commonly used to tackle corruption in voting processes. This is because the technology provides a more transparent and straightforward way to cast your vote. Mobile voting applications are also allowed for this process.

This blockchain project provides decentralized nodes for anonymously casting votes digitally. You don’t have to worry about security flaws because the system offers end-to-end authentication.

Transparent and Genuine Charity Application

Too many fraudulent charities set out to steal money from unsuspecting donors and call it a good deed. This is what makes people wary of donating their hard-earned cash. They want to make sure it will reach the right people in need, not some scam artist trying to weasel their way into somebody’s bank account.  The blockchain allows donors to see the journey of their donation in real-time and confirm that it is reaching those who need it most. This transparency can help to reduce mistrust, and people are becoming more willing to donate as a result.

This blockchain-based project is a reliable way to make charity donations. It provides transparency which ensures that your money goes to the right people and is not being misused by third parties.

The needy will upload their details on the portal linked to the Blockchain system and receive help directly from charity organizations. The community has access to both donors & recipients’ data and is able to output helpful suggestions for them. Projects like this can help needy people by making the transactions transparent. They also save you money and help you avoid dishonest agents or middlemen.

A Decentralized Web Hosting System 

Web hosting is an online system with one central location that hosts the written content, code & media for your website. They can be accessed by everyone in the world thanks to the World Wide Web. If your server goes down, then your website might not work properly. If the site is getting too much traffic, it might not be available or may only work slowly.

Proponents of blockchain technology argue that it can dramatically change the way we create content online. Top 10 Blockchain Ideas for Beginners – The future is yours. By getting rid of central servers, it can help to speed up the way people view your site- by splitting it into small groups and distributing them across multiple computers. These bits are then linked together with a blockchain registry to keep track of them.

Website hosting can store all sorts of information. You can access the stored content anywhere and at any time. However, if something wipes out your website or your web server crashes, then you’ll have to worry about the data being inaccessible. Thankfully, you have blockchain technology projects that are working hard to make the data accessible – even when technology fails!

Blockchain is an exciting new technology that can really pay off down the road. It means you don’t have to rely on one server, which reduces time, effort, and costs. Your data is saved in the vault – just like your domain name – which prevents server crashes & other problems.

Disk Space Renting System 

Basically, the idea is to enable everybody to use their free space on their hard drives and make a network based on blockchain. It’s like a peer-to-peer network but uses blockchain to regulate the connection.

This is a relatively small project, but if applied globally it could change the way people use cloud storage. It also has some potential to help with the performance of your apps and workloads, for which you’ll need an ultra-fast internet connection for though.

Blockchain databases can make your business more secure by decreasing the risk of a single point of failure. They also stop people from gaining access even if they’re not supposed to, through features like every user having their own key.

Loyalty Points Exchange System 

One downside of loyalty rewards is that they are usually only accepted by the affiliated brand. This isn’t a good thing because customers can’t use their points on different com- I mean, companies. With blockchain, you can build a rewards project that allows consumers to combine and trade their points in a way that is transparent and easy to use.

The loyalty points are stored using blockchain. Top 10 Blockchain Ideas for Beginners – The future is yours. This makes it really secure because the blocks can be checked to make sure that nothing has been tampered with. Blockchain lets other brands use Loyalty Exchange points, so they can make the system better by creating their own stories and rewards for customers!

With the points platform, customers can pay and redeem their points freely in a blockchain project. This enables them to transfer those points to any other user or bank in order for them to be worth something. The entire transaction history can be tracked which means there’s no way of deleting a transaction from the blockchain. If you fail to input any data in the transaction, errors like this can be seen by your customers.

Track your food back to the source

Organic food can be expensive and hard to find, but it is worth the price for many people. Do you know where your food comes from? In the past few months, there has been a bird flu epidemic in some poultry farms. You may be worried if that chicken leg on your plate came from one of those infected farms.

Blockchain is a useful technology that allows you to trace and certify goods like produce or meat back to where they were sourced. This means consumers can be more confident in their purchases!

Take Away

These are ten project ideas that beginners should give a try. Have a read-through and see which format best suits you. Top 10 Blockchain Ideas for Beginners – The future is yours. Feel free to add your own tweaks to suit what you need. No matter what, this article should have shown you how the applications of blockchain could be used in everyday life.

You’ll know a big change when you see it, and blockchain’s rise has caused one. If you’re interested in becoming a blockchain developer and building smart contracts & chain codes, check out IIIT-B & upgrades Advanced certificate program.


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